Linda Hoffman of Palms Middle School in Los Angeles, CA, took part in a research cruise in Alaska that studied the Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance, and Status of Humback whales (SPLASH).
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Linda Hoffman - Palms Middle School (Los Angeles, CA),
with Kathryn Roberts, Hingham Middle School (Hingham, MA)
Research Experience: Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance, and Status of Humpback whales (SPLASH) - Project Web Site
Research Objectives: As part of the largest North Pacific humpback whale study ever undertaken, international researchers are collaborating to understand the population structure of humpback whales and to assess the status, trends and potential human impacts to this population. The SPLASH 2004 cruise will focus on locating, collecting data on, and understanding the distribution of humpback whales in the waters of western Canada, Gulf of Alaska, Aleutian Islands, and Bering Sea.
Research funded by: NOAA Fisheries and U.S. Navy
Host Researcher: Jay Barlow - NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
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