Barbara Waters, a teacher at East Carteret High School in Beaufort, NC studied the foraging ecology of elephant seals and diving metabolism of sea otters at the Long Marine Lab in Santa Cruz, CA.
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Barbara Simon-Waters - East Carteret High School (Beaufort, NC)
(Barbara will be participating in two projects from University of California, Santa Cruz vertebrate physiology and behavioral ecology lab.)
Research Experience: Foraging ecology of Northern elephant seals
Research Objectives: This research is measuring feeding events in free-ranging Northern elephant seals to understand the foraging ecology of this species. The goal of this project is to determine if feeding events can be identified by changes in stomach temperature and to find a method to quantify the amount of prey consumed during feeding events.
Research funded by: California Coastal Environmental Quality Initiative Research Support, Friends of Long Marine Lab, American Cetacean Society, and Mildred Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant
Host Researcher: Carey Kuhn - UC Santa Cruz
Research Experience: Diving metabolism of sea otters
Research Objectives: This project will examine the cost of diving for sea otters and evaluate the synergistic effects of diving, digesting and foraging activities on total energy expenditure. Understanding the nutritional and energetic requirements of the sea otter is extremely critical to understanding the lack of recovery of the sea otter population.
Research funded by: Minerals Management Service, Myers Marine Trust, and the U.S. Geological Survey - Biological Resources Division
Host Researcher: Laura Yeates - UC Santa Cruz
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