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Michelle Brand-Buchanan - Alexandria Magnet Middle (Alexandria, LA)
Research Experience: Antarctic Drilling (ANDRILL) Site Survey - Project Web Site
Research Objectives: Multinational program to investigate Antarctica's role in global environmental change over the past 65 million years. Antarctic climatic, volcanic, and tectonic history will be investigated by studying sediment cores from McMurdo Sound. The cores will be collected by drilling through the sediments and rocks beneath floating sea-ice. The fall 2005 field activities will focus on surveying beneath the sea-ice to identify optimal drilling locations. An air-gun will be deployed through holes drilled in the ice to survey beneath the ice and water and create images of the layers of rocks below the seafloor. These rock layers will ultimately be sampled by drilling in 2007.
Research funded by: National Science Foundation (Office of Polar Programs)
Host Researchers: Richard Levy and David Harwood - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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ARMADA Project
Office of Marine Programs
Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island