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Debra Slade-Redden - New Caney High School (New Caney, TX)
Research Experience: Determinants of habitat use by pelagic seabirds, mammals, tunas, and other vertebrates in the offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine.
Research Objectives: Observations of seabirds, marine mammals, tunas and other vertebrates in offshore waters of the Gulf of Maine show that these predators are particularly abundant and active around banks and ledges. Favorable feeding conditions last only a short time and are followed by periods when relatively few of the predators are present. The purpose of this study is to evaluate if these "hotspots" are related to changes in prey abundance or changes in oceanographic factors.
Research funded by: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for the Census of Marine Life Program
Host Researchers: Lewis Incze - University of Southern Maine and Scott Kraus - New England Aquarium
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