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Joseph Catron - Billings West High School (Billings, MT)
Research Experience: Census of Marine Zooplankton - Exploring the Deep Sargasso Sea - Project Web Site
Research Objectives: The purpose of this Census of Marine Zooplankton Cruise is to explore the deeper areas of the Sargasso Sea and document zooplankton species diversity. Environmental data and zooplankton samples were collected using large opening/closing trawls and net systems. Additional samples were collected by SCUBA divers during day and night open ocean dives. DNA sequencing was conducted on board to inventory the variety and abundance of marine zooplankton in rarely explored tropical ocean depths, down to 5 kilometers. (Cruise Report available at
Research funded by: Census of Marine Life and NOAA Ocean Exploration
Host Researcher: Peter Wiebe - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Ann Bucklin - University of Connecticut
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