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Peggy Deichstetter - St. Edward High School (Elgin, IL)
Research Experience: Arctic Kelp Bed Study
Research Objectives: To monitor light, kelp growth and the associated invertebrate community in the Stefansson Sound Boulder Patch located off Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This research program is designed to assess the possible effects of oil and gas development through the synthesis of a linked biophysical productivity model. Light levels (both above-water and underwater light) and total suspended solids (TSS) in the water column will be measured to determine the quantitative relationship between TSS, light attenuation and kelp productivity. Benthic faunal community diversity will be investigated, including the use of stable isotope techniques to study the food web. The fieldwork, a continuation of studies that began in summer 2004, will be conducted on the R/V Proteus, an 18' Boston Whaler.
Research funded by: Minerals Management Service
Host Researcher: Kenneth Dunton - University of Texas at Austin
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