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William Griffith - Carroll High School (Southlake, TX)
Research Experience: Seafloor sedimentary habitats & shallow subseafloor microbial communities of the South Pacific Gyre.
Research Objectives: To survey broad characteristics of subseafloor communities and habitats in the South Pacfic Gyre and document the metabolic activities, genetic composition, and biomass of microbial communities in subseafloor sediments with very low total activity. Shipboard sampling will include coring the upper sediment column at 10-12 sites along two transects, undertaking extensive microbiological, biogeochemical, geophysical and geological analysis of the cores, and accurately surveying the geophysical (seismic, magnetic, bathymetric) characteristics of each site.
Research funded by: National Science Foundation (Ocean Drilling Program) and NASA Astrobiology Institute
Host Researcher: Rob Pockalny and Steve D'Hondt - URI Graduate School of Oceanography
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