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Cyndy Martin - Portland High School (Portland, ME)
Research Experience: Stenella Abundance Research Project (STAR) - Project Web Site
Research Objectives: Multi-year cetacean and ecosystem assessment study designed to assess the status of dolphin stocks which have been taken as incidental catch by the yellowfin tuna purse-seine fishery in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. The primary objective of the STAR project is to investigate trends in population size of those dolphin stocks most affected by the fishery. Shipboard data collection includes cetacean distribution and abundance, movements, vocalizations, and behavior. Ecosystem sampling will also be conducted to study physical and biological oceanographic characteristics, mid trophic prey fishes and squids, seabirds, and marine turtles.
Research funded by: NOAA Fisheries
Host Researchers: Lisa Balance and Jessica Redfern - NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
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