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Mark Harris - Layton High School (Layton, UT)
Research Experience: Antarctic Crabeater Seal and Icefish Studies
Research Objectives: Icefish- To test the hypothesis that loss of hemoprotein expression in icefishes has resulted in an increase in levels of Nitric Oxide that mediates modification of vascular systems and the expansion of mitochondrial populations in oxidative tissues.< /br> Crabeater Seals- To identify the foraging behaviors associated with different features of the water column. By tagging crabeater seals information can be collected on position, diving and foraging behavior, water temperature, salinity and other oceanographic data. Research is conducted aboard the icebreaker R/V GOULD and small boats and at the Palmer research station.
Research funded by: National Science Foundation
Host Researchers: Icefish- Bruce Sidell (UME); Crabeater Seals- Dan Costa (UCSC) & Dan Crocker (Sonoma State Univ.)
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