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Megan O'Neill - Fairhope High School (Fairhope, AL)
Research Experience: The development of an Arctic ice stream-dominated sedimentary system, the southern Svalbard continental margin (SVAIS)
Research Objectives: To contribute to the understanding of the evolution of glacial continental margins and the relationships with the changes in ice sheet dynamics induced by climatic changes. The sedimentary system selected for this study is Syorfjiorden, on the South Western Svalbard margin. The Storfjiorden sedimentary system will be investigated in order to reconstruct its evolution from the Pliocene to the recent-most deglaciation, define its sedimentary architecture and the morphology of the seabed and their variations throughout the onset of the northern hemisphere glaciation in the Late Pliocene. Research will be conducted aboard the Spanish icebreaker HESPERIDES.
Research funded by: Spanish Research and Education Organizations under the auspices of the Spais activities for the International Polar Year
Host Researcher: Angelo Camerlenghi (University of Barcelona)
International Educator Partner: Catalina Sureda, Barcelona, Spain
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