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Jeff Lawrence - Lowery Public School CO10 (Tahlequah, OK)
Research Experience: Ecological Student on the Patagonian Shelf (R/V ROGER REVELLE)
Research Objectives: To document the factors regulating the spatial-temporal distribution of the coccolithophore blooms, using a combination of underway, satellite, and discrete sampling and to examine the effects of ocean acidification on algal optical properties, coccolithophore concentrations and particulate inorganic carbon concentrations. This research provides a better understanding of coccolithophore ecology that is critical for modeling complex biogeochemical processes that regulate phytoplankton production and the biological pump.
Research funded by: National Science Foundation
Host Researcher: Dr. William Balch (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, W. Boothbay Harbor, ME)
Dates: November 30 - December 29, 2008
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