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  1. Tim Buckley, Barrow High School science teacher, drills an ice core while on helocopter recon during AWS96.
  2. Barrow High School students drill an ice core on the lagoon behind the school.
  3. Ice core collected from the recent arctic ice pack.
  4. Barrow High School students inspect a core of sea ice. Dr. Richard Glenn explains the strata within the ice core.
  5. Dr. Richard Glenn shares native and scientific knowledge of ice with Barrow High School students.
  6. Mixing science, fun, and survival knowledge, Barrow High School students build igloos and snow shelters during a North Slope science class.
  7. The Polar Sea, WAGB 11, breaking ice in the Chukchi Sea, June, 1998.
  8. Aaron Putnam, a student from Barrow High School, uses the fluorometer to measure chlorophyll content of melted ice samples.
  9. Bill Bosworth, CRREL employee, on the ice with coring equipment.
  10. Bill and Aaron drilling holes for stakes which assisted the ROV in filming the under surface of the ice.
  11. The Polar Sea's divers being lowered into the icy waters of the Chukchi Sea in order to assist in the ROV operations.
  12. The Polar Sea's HH 65 helicopter supporting science operations during AWS 98.
  13. Terry and Tim off loading from the chopper on the Polar Sea's flight deck.
  14. Laura contemplating the pros and cons of scientific research vs. mudfight.
  15. The Polar Sea in the ice. Both aft cranes can be seen with booms extended over the flight deck.
  16. Tara Connelly on the 02 deck. Tara worked with Dr. Tish Yager on water column studies. Her main goal was to identify the bacterial species present in the greatest number in arctic waters.

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