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Connecting to the Poles through TEA E-Mail

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The poles offer unique opportunities for research and exploration. The TEA parcticipants chronicle their polar scientific investigations and personal experiences in daily on-line journals.

Investigations span from the farthest reaches of the universe to the interior of the earth, examine the abundance of life in the harshest of environments, and explore the integral role of the remote polar regions within our global system. How will changes in the ice sheets impact global sea level and climate? How is the distribution of sea ice changing through time and what influence will it have on global fisheries, penguin populations, and polar bears? How do plate motions at the poles relate to global plate movement?

The members of expeditions experience extreme conditions, including freezing temperatures, blizzards, and swarms of dreaded blackflies. What challenges do they face and what tools do they use? How has exploration changed through history? Is scientific research truly interesting and fun?

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