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SHIPS AND ICE - Lessons from the Heroic Age

In a series of three middle school lessons entitled Fram, Jeannette, and Endurance I , named for famous ships of the polar regions, students will explore the rigors of the Heroic Age of Arctic and Antarctic exploration. These lessons are designed to be a sequence, but each may stand alone as well. Students will perform a series of inquiry-based hands-on experiments on the dangers of getting ships caught and crushed in sea ice. The physics and engineering of wooden boats destined to operate in high latitudes, the high- tech of their day, will be studied modeling case studies of those ships as well as the science concepts of pressure, technological applications, sea ice chemistry, meteorology of the polar regions, and geography of the explorations of the Heroic Age.

Larry Rose
Pleasanton Middle School
5001 Case Avenue
Pleasanton, California 94566

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