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14 July, 2001

Visit to Tulsa

The adventure begins!

No, I'm not on the USCGC Healy. The icebreaker doesn't leave until July 31, but there is much to be done first. A research mission involves a huge amount of planning for everyone involved. The lead scientist I am working with, Dr. Peter Michael from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, has spent days- weeks- months-planning for this mission to Gakkel Ridge. The mission involves 20 scientists, tons of equipment, and a huge icebreaker with a Coast Guard crew of 75. Planning and preparing is important in order to have everything come together in Norway on July 31.

I must also prepare. Sure, I've started packing, but preparing mentally is important, too. So here I am in Tulsa to gain an understanding of the science behind our mission. I am spending a week with Dr. Michael to gain an understanding of the concepts that will be important as we make our way through the Arctic Ocean and collect rocks from the ocean floor 3 miles beneath the surface of the water.

I hope that you will follow along on this research mission over the next few months and learn with me as I journey to the top of the world!

Michele Adams

Learning about the atomic structure of minerals can be complicated!

My mentor, Dr.Peter Michael from the University of Tulsa. Dr. Michael is an expert in the field of geoscience.

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