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13 June, 1992

Saturday, 13 June, 1992:

Got off ice at 0030 hrs and decided to enter data and to finish my letter to Ingrid. Did not sleep, but went directly to watch. Got off at 0630 hrs and went to bed till 1020, then I returned to the lab to complete data graphing. I was told that there would be another ice station around noon (or at 40 nm if that occurred first). The decision was made to deploy at 1230 hrs. Great! a station in daylight! No damn flashlights!

The station was exceptional. It WAS daylight, it WAS sunny and the CTD WAS very deep, which meant we would have all the time we wanted on the ice. About 20 minutes into the station, we received a call from the bridge that one of the Mill-8 would be setting down to deliver a package. We could see the helo leave the Federov and we immediately jumped on top of our gear. Vicky had "volunteered" to retrieve the package. The copter landed, Vicky got beat on by the down-draft, nothing went balistic, and we finished our station. We actually had time for a photo session as well. This has been my only regret: bot having enough time to take lots of photos. Although, I think I've already shot 12 hrs of videos and 13 rolls of film. Got off the ice at 1515 hrs and ASA wanted to know if I'd go back down to help Penguino (Steve) shoot footage of the CTD coming aboard. No problemo. Got off the ice about 1530 hrs. Stayed on deck to take pictures of snowscape with its icebergs and nearly full moon rising. This place is truly unbelievable! I came in , entered data, showered and ate. We were to do another station at 30 nm, which means about 0400 hrs, so I went to bed at 2310 hrs.

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