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Thank you for your interest in the TEA Associates Program. The TEA Associates Program is no longer accepting applications. TEA Associates will continue to be supported through June 2005. The following information about the TEA Associates network is provided in the interest of sharing the strategies and resources developed by the TEA Program.

About TEA Associates

Finding TEA Associates Near You

TEA Associates Application

About TEA Associates

TEA Associates collaborate with others in the Polar Learning Community to incorporate on-line journals, electronic communications, and other resources into their classroom. Associates and TEAs discuss current science topics and new discoveries, develop materials for the polar classroom, and identify and share polar resources and information. TEA Associates are invited to parcticipate in TEA Program workshops and events and to help build connections to other teachers, classrooms, and students.

TEAs are encouraged to act as a facilitators to local Associate networks by hosting occasional workshops, answering questions, providing resources, and visiting classrooms.

A limited number of travel grants are available for TEA Associates to attend the NSTA National Convention and other TEA workshops.

What are the advantages of being a TEA Associate?

  • Investigation of one of the most remote places on our Earth

  • Incorporation of exciting, cutting-edge research into the curriculum in real time

  • Inclusion of new technology in the classroom in a meaningful way through use of the Internet, electronic mail, and RealAudio tools

  • Parcticipation in TEA events and National meetings with assisted funding

  • Interaction with a dynamic group of teachers, researchers, and students for the development and growth of a Polar Learning Community
  • Please note that being a TEA Associate does not mean that the Associate automatically will become a TEA. However, being an Associate provides the opportunity to become familiar with the TEA Program and its goals, as well with the TEA teachers and how they transfer the experience of research to solleagues, students, and the community. TEA Associats are invited to apply to the TEA Program.

    Finding TEA Associates Near You
    The list of TEA Associates is under development.

    Washington State Montana Oregon Idaho Wyoming North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Nevada Arizona New Mexico Utah Colorado Texas Kansas Alaska Oklahoma Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Missouri Arkansas Mississippi Hawaii California Louisiana Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina North Carolina Illinois Indiana Michigan Virginia West Virginia Tennessee Kentucky Pennsylvania Ohio Maine New York Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Jersey Delaware Maryland Application for TEA Associates Program

    The TEA Program is no longer accepting applications.

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