12 October, 1998

The weather forecast for today predicted storms, so the planes from Christchurch were cancelled. Unfortunately for them and those stuck here, but good for the rest of us, the weather turned out to be beautiful. As I look out at the horizon there are so many beautiful colors- blues, purple, orange, peach, etc... with Mt. Discovery as a backdrop- it's a view that I won't get tired of. I spent most of the day in the lab- testing insulin doses. I tried 3 different doses along with vehichle controls. I am also trying to see how long the affects of an insulin will last, so I bled and injected the fish this morning and then needed to bleed them again every four hours. At least I am getting the hang of bleeding! Other members of the research group were out refueling the fish huts and helping to collect tissue samples from a very large fish called "Dissostichus Mawsoni" weighing in at about 40 pounds. The record weight of this type of fish is 212 pounds!! We are all excited about a helicopter trip we have planned for tomorrow, so more later.

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