4 January, 1999

At the CDC we made our final preparations for departure to McMurdo Station on Ross Island. Our packed orange bags could weigh up to

75 lbs. combined. When we checked our gear to be stowed and were weighed wearing our ECW clothing, we relaxed until our flight was announced.

Wade Jeffrey of Florida was also waiting on the flight. Wade would be part of a group of researchers who would be leading a workshop

in McMurdo relative to ultraviolet radiation. Wade, no stranger

to Antarctica, worked with the Teachers Experiencing Antarctica (TEA) program during its first year.

Finally we were shuttled out to the Hercules LC 130 which the Air Force National Guard, NY would pilot to McMurdo. By fives

we boarded the Herc. We were really going!

During the flight, folks slept, read, ate, took pictures or tapped away at laptops. We were very lucky with weather and 7 1/2

hours later I got my first look at Antarctica from the flight

deck. First the sea ice, then the coast.......snow and ice with protrusions of dark shale colored rock above the gleaming white.

We flew south over the Leningradskaya area, past Mt.Melbourne

and came to a sliding stop near McMurdo.

The wooden paneled shuttle took us to Scott Base first to drop off our Kiwi travelers. Very happy they seemed too, to be at last

coming to roost in the green encampment. Then, just down the

road, we soon found ourselves in the National Science Foundation's chalet where we were briefed on McMurdo Base. The chalet contains

some great maps and other information relative to the base and continent. Ryan and I took up residence at the Hotel California.

We stayed at the Hotel California for the night. The lounge upstairs gave its inhabitants access to the Internet and E-mail.

We were gathered for a briefing in the National Science Foundation Chalet.

Shortly after landing, the warm shuttle with wooden paneling takes us to Scott Base (NZ), then McMurdo.

Flying in towards Leningradskaya, not too far from the magnetic South Pole.

A view from the flight deck; my first of the sea ice and shelf and Antarctica.

Our flight to McMurdo Base in Antarctica lasted 7 1/2 hours; good weather enabled us to move smartly along.

Hercules LC 130 at Christchurch, NZ preparing for loading passengers.

Boarding the Herc by 5's.

All dressed up in Christchurch waiting to go! Wade Jeffrey is seated to the left of me (the lady in red--standing) as seen in the photo.

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