11 June, 1999



JUNE 11, 1999

IT'S FRIDAY!!! THE DAY THAT EVERYONE LOOKS FORWARD TO. It is also a beautiful day in Cordova, and my last day here. Reflecting on the week's activities, I can safely say that it was a week well spent. I learned very much from the scientists' research, as well as the life of the residents of Cordova. I also appreciated the opportunity to visit areas of interest, be involved in the educational activities of the Prince William Sound Science Center, and to learn more about the ecology of Cordova and its environs. I purchased the curriculum guides K-12 and supplementals for teaching ecology of the Prince William Sound and its recovery from the oil spill. I spent the rest of the day reading through this information which was quite extensive and well thought out, and at the same time making notes to myself on how I can incorporate this information into my existing curriculum. The potential is phenomenal. Nancy invited me to lunch, and a fine one it was. She took me to a lovely restaurant overlooking the Eyak Lake, the scenery of which of beautiful, tranquil, and relaxing. Thanks Nancy for your gracious hospitality over the past week. I certainly appreciated everything that you did to make my stay a pleasant and productive one.

After saying my good byes and thank-yous to the entire staff for their generosity and accommodation over the past week, Nancy gave me a ride home, shortly after which, Sandy my house-host gave me a ride to the airport.

My flight was on time, and as I left Cordova for Anchorage, I once again enjoyed the breathtaking aerial views of the Copper River Delta, The Chugach Mountains, the numerous glaciers, and the vast temperate rainforest, and tundra of Alaska. The rest of my trip to the lower 48, was very comfortable, and by 10.35 am eastern time on the 12th, I was home in Washington D.C. en route to Maryland which was just half an hour away.

Again, I wish to thank Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, National Science Foundation, Prince William Sound Science Center, Nancy Bird & Staff, Wendy Warnick, and most of all, Renee for once again doing an excellent job in making the entire experience a wonderful one. I cannot sing enough praises about my field experiences as a Teacher Experiencing The Arctic.

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