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14 June, 2001

Building on the tundra poses special problems. This auger machine is the first step in the construction of any structure. Every building up here is built on pilings set deep into the permafrost layer. This insures that strucutres stay level since tundra is constantly moving.

Are we draining or filling plots??? The top left is high ground and the pumps are working hard to drain the plots. Believe it or not by the end of the day the areas were drained.

By the afternoon most all of the chambers were drained. Once all are drained and set with their specific variable to be tested (see site plan from 06/06) we'll be taking actual measurements. We are still in prep time !!

The first wildflower of the season, a Dwarf buttercup (Ranunculus pygmaeus). Bright yellow and short it grows on the sides and mounds of wet tundra.

The ice is changing. This happend over night; the ice is moving on shore.

Looking down the beach toward Barrow. You can see the thickness of the ice which was underwater yesterday! Pieces of the ice sheet are breaking up and moving around.

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