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11 July, 2001

Hyojung checking the voltage on the tower instruments.

What Hyojung is saying is , "My fingers are soooo cold I can bearly move them!" The wind was out of the north and was driving everyone crazy today!

Being a scientist doesn't mean you just do science. You also have to be an electrician, mechanic, carpenter and work with electronic equiptment. "They" never tell you this before though!

Masa Mano, a PhD canidate from Japan, shares our lab. He and his group are studying methane, another greenhouse gas. Here he is testing the physicial properties of the soil from his site.

The first sighted snowy owl of the summer just off the highway.

The wind was blowing hard today as you can see from the white caps and blowing sand. This is what is left of the ice and it continues to be beautiful.

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