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10 August, 2000

Thurs. August 10, 2000

Sunny skies, morning fog, low clouds and green, green, green! The orientation week is almost over and I'm still feeling there's much more to do. This next year will be filled with pre-departure plans and activities. I want to get as many people cognizant of the program as possible. Brainstorming ideas this morning

was invaluable. This is a creative group of people!

We were treated to the "M & M Show" this AM. Martin Jeffries, University of Alaska Fairbanks PI, and Marge Porter (former

TEA) presented us an overview of their field research conducted in the Antarctic and Arctic during 1994 and 1999. While studying the ice they collected data which allowed them to determine the amount of heat flux at both locations, Ross Sea and northern Alaska. Their data suggests that the amount of flux is approximately the same in both the Antarctic and Northern Alaska regions. This has implications for those involved in energy budgets...energy coming into a system should equal energy going out of a system. It also has implications for those investigating global climate change.

We had a field trip today to the CRREL Store...letís hear it for field trips! Some of us augmented our tee shirt and cap collection as a result.

Early dismissal day. The group was let go at 12:30 and now we have time to work on things we individually new more time with. I'm writing you!

Report to you again tomorrow!

Chris Donovan

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