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20 November, 2003

The best-laid plans are subject to change based on reality. Today was to be census number 4-but this morning's winds quickly put an end to that plan. The visibility standard around here is Little Razorback Island. When the bottom third disappears in a ground blizzard, it's a good time to drink another cup of tea and wait for things to die down. When the entire island disappears, it's time to come up with something to do indoors.

There was plenty to do today. I finished knitting the wool hat I started the last time we were hut-bound, about 2 weeks ago. Once that was done, I took a little walk to visit our seal neighbors to see what they were doing in the blowing snow. Most of the mothers and pups were lying on the ice, with the pups snoring their contented snurfles as they nuzzled next to their mothers and took full advantage of that easy food source. Many of those pups will be weaned within the next two weeks and will be on their own for food. Hat and walk completed, I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on my journal writing. It was just your basic quiet day in camp.

As I write this, the clouds have lifted and the winds eased quite a bit. Most of Little Razorback Island has reappeared from behind the ground blizzard that obscured it for most of the day. The forecast is for clearing, so it looks like tomorrow will be a great day for counting seals.

Daily Haiku:

Quiet day in camp

Winds blow, we knit, read, or sleep

Pizza for dinner

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