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5 November, 2003

When you wake up with a small snow drift on the foot of your sleeping bag in the morning, it's a pretty good indicator of what the day has in store. We sleep with the door of our hut slightly ajar, which allowed last night's wind to redistribute some of the snow that was once lying on the ice in front of the hut. Indeed, yesterday's forecast for deteriorating weather conditions was true. Today was certainly not a day for being out in the field.

What do you do all day when the weather keeps you inside? I caught up on my journals, as you can tell from the most recent flurry of entries. What else to do? Well, I started knitting a new hat and Kelly worked on the hat she's been knitting. We all have plenty of reading material to keep us entertained.

When you run out of productive things to do, there's always eating. Under these conditions eating becomes a sport, not a necessity. Pancakes for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch and since we couldn't call out for a delivery, we set up the oven in the evening to make pizza and finished off with a fresh pan of brownies. Hopefully the storm will clear out tomorrow before Darren forces us to step onto his weighing scale to see if we've reached our optimum 'Weddell weight' yet.

Kelly spent part of the day knitting a hat.

Time for pizza. We have to thaw the crusts before constructing our pizzas.

Fresh brownies for dessert.

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