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2 December, 2003

Today it's time for the "All-Haiku" journal. The storm continues to rage around us, with constant winds of 40+mph. It's sort of like living inside a vacuum cleaner with a never-ending loud roar of the wind as a constant backdrop.

Storm-inspired haiku:


Miles per hour, endless roaring

Hang on to your hat

Stuck inside our huts

Can you feel them sliding now

Where are we going

Fish huts slide on ice

Are we closer to the edge

Beach front property

Where is the outhouse

Can you see it through the snow

Don't get lost out there

The storm is raging

Wind blowing from the South Pole

Carries snow away

It's condition one

Visibility zero

We stay in the huts

Snow blows over seals

What could they be doing now

Blubber keeps them warm

Snow drifts three feet deep

Twenty-four hours of strong winds

Bare ice shows again

What should we do now?

I am finished with my book

How about knitting

Pancakes for breakfast

Epic trip to the cooler

Can you find butter?

Where does wind come from

With a roar like a freight train

So much energy

This is the view from our kitchen hut across to the lab hut. There was a lot of snow blowing around!

Going to the outhouse was quite an adventure! When you opened the door it would catch in the wind and almost fly off into space.

Our top recorded windspeed was 77mph! Since we are in a somewhat protected location, we're not sure what the real top windspeed was.

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