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13 March, 2002

The globalization that has occurred over the last century has brought about a great deal technological, economic, and religious change. While these changes have increased communication and made the world more connected and less isolated, they have also had a dramatic impact on rural and urban communities alike. With developments such as these, many people on Little Diomede now combine subsistence activities with earnings from wage paying jobs. Electricity, for example, has long since replaced the seal oil lamps of the past. Now, homes in Little Diomede are just as likely to have electric heaters, refrigerators, stoves, VCRs and televisions as any other community. Whereas the fuel for the seal oil lamps that traditionally provided heat and light could be obtained as a by product of food getting activities, the electricity bills of today must be paid for. On Little Diomede, the largest number of wage paying jobs are through the school, but there are also a number of city offices such as the post office, health clinic, and utilities.

Anne and her husband Jerry are both actively involved in subsistence; each contributing to the needs of the family. In addition to foods purchased from the Native store, Anne and her family enjoy and very much rely on such native foods as seal and crab. Here, Anne Marie is pictured with her youngest child, Sophie.

Here, Becky is wearing a traditional calico and fur trimmed parka.

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