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15 January, 2002

Special thanks to Lynette Reep for taking excellent photographs.

1. Today was my first trial with snow probes on Aurora Lake. This measuring device is used to record snow depth and temperature. The average snow depth is 13 cm and base temperature is -3 'C. Base temperature is found at the bottom of the snow, above the ice.

2. Digital thermometer attached to a snow probe.

3. For base temperature measurements, the thermistor on the snow probe must be in contact with the ice.

4. Dr. Jeffries advises best technique for collecting snow samples.

5. A spatula is used to slide under the tube. The area dark area between the snow tube and spatula is black ice (also known as congelation ice).

6. Got it!

7. Plastic bag with transect number and snow depth information is used to store snow samples.

8. Snow sample is transported into the plastic bag.

9. Next step is measuring the snow surface temperature.

10. Hot wire gauges are used to measure ice thickness. This red container is a generator, which is used to activate hot wire gauges. For more information on hot wire gauges, read Wednesday's journal entry (January 17th). We will be going to Poker Flats to collect snow samples and to measure base/surface temperatures

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