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10 April, 2002

Weather: Cloudy
High 25
Low -2

Heat Flux calculations

Recall your calculations from April 9th and compare your results to the answers below:
April 5th: -.45810 W/m2
April 6th: -.42083 W/m2
April 8th: -.62407 W/m2

The Science Behind Water Depth

On Aurora pond, home school students did their weekly measurements today. Before the students showed up, we arrived early to measure water depth. Fishing weights attached to a measuring tape for water depth measurements is another one of Martin's homemade devices. Mean water depth including ice was 17 meters (approximately 55 feet). Ice thickness alone is only .75 meters and that counts roughly 4% of the entire water depth. See below for photos.

Heat Flow at Jalpertia Pond

Mean temperature gradient
-15.2579 C/m
Thermal conductivity
0.05994 W/m/K

(-15.2579 C/m) x 0.05994 W/m/K = -0.91461W/m2

This is a mild heat flux.

2. Weights

1.& 2. Step 1: Preparing water depth measuring device.

3. Step 2: Drilling

4. Opening for weights.

5. Step 3: Ice thickness measurement.

6. Step 4: Insert weights in the drilled opening.

7. Step 5: Let down weights until they hit the bottom of the pond.

8. & 9. Step 6: Measurements taken from the surface of the ice.

9. Approximately 17 meters.

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