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15 April, 2002

Weather: Cloudy
High 33
Low 13

With gust winds and thick clouds, today was a perfect day to work on data calculations at the Geophysical Institute. I thought I'd try

and fly my kite (from the Drachen Foundation) this afternoon but I ran out of time before the snow and ice class this evening, although, I did have a chance to try out an ice cream place recommended by one teacher called, Hot Licks. Well protected in my purple parka and

wool hat, I enjoyed eating my English Toffee ice cream outside of the ice cream parlor. Before class, I went by the Large Animal Research Station http://www.uaf.edu/lars/ approximately 2 miles from campus and the Agricultural and Forestry Experimental Stationhttp://nrm.salrm.uaf.edu/afes/fai.htmlon the lower part of campus to visit some residing Arctic mammals.

Visit these links for more information on large animal research in Fairbanks and find out what animal is photographed below.

1. & 2. Are they reindeer or caribou?

2. ?

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