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19 April, 2002


Cloudy, morning and afternoon flurries, High 28, Low 9

News, News, News

Two Canadian Geese arrived at Creamer’s field for some

rest before heading up further north. Unfortunately, a

territorial bald eagle chased them off less than an

hour away.

We expect more will be coming within the next few


More News

To resolve US energy crisis, President Bush proposed

an energy strategy, which included oil drilling from

the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern

Alaska (ANWR). Yesterday, the legislation denied this

energy bill.

Just a year after Alaska became a state President

Eisenhower reserved 9.5 million acres for the ANWR in

1960. In 1980, Congress expanded the ANWR to 19.6

million acres, reserving 1.5 million acres for further

study. In 1989, legislation wanted to use oil

resources from this 1.5 million acre lot but the

Valdez oil spill intercepted this plan. In 1990, an

energy bill affirmed by Congress was blocked. In 1995,

President Clinton vetoed a budget compromise using oil

resources from ANWR. Currently, there are several oil

fields along the northern coast of Alaska up to the

beginning of the ANWR plains. In fear of demolishing

ecology and wildlife, residents and politicians

continue to block oil field developments on the ANWR.

Semester Finals

Second semester is coming to an end at the University

of Alaska Fairbanks. Dr. Jeffries’ research assistant,

Craig (forestry major) presented his senior thesis on

espacement of white spruce trees to students and

faculty members from the natural resource management

department. For the past year, Craig measured the

diameter of these trees at assigned plots with various

espacements. The purpose of this study is to determine

the most effective espacement plan in consideration

for ecology and economy.


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