8 May, 1999

Aloha from Virginia! Somehow it just doesn't sound the same as when I am in Oahu. I could be anywhere, actually, since I have not been beyond the 4 block radius of the hotel. I'm not complaining however - who knows when I will be able to play around on the computers at NSF again! :-D. As soon as I am back to Waianae, I am going to have to get going on getting CU - SeeMe hooked up and ready, so I can see the smiling faces of my students at Waianae High School . . . maybe I will keep the camera off at my end. I don't know that I want to be broadcast across country after living in the Arctic for a few weeks! The air con in this room is apparently set to prepare all of us pre-Arctic and Antarctic teachers for the temperatures we are destined to encounter... (it's a bad sign I am whining already, huh?) With love, Michele

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