10 September, 1999

Hello all! Anu and I are wrapping up our last day here in Fairbanks on our way back to Hawai'i tomorrow morning. Today we had a nice morning where we could take our time and have a long breakfast at the bed and breakfast that we are staying at. OH! Last night I got to see the northern lights, it was incredible. The whole sky was lit up in green colors.

Anyway, we had a fun afternoon talking with the people at the United States Fish and Wildlife offices in Fairbanks. We told them mostly about the Hawaiian Studies program because there wasn't a connector on the tv to work with the camcorder - so we couldn't show video from Cold Bay. It was especially nice to meet Pat Sousa from USFWS who told me about a program that students can get involved in to work with USFWS. I told Anu about the opportunity and she said that she has been thinking during this trip about maybe doing something more with science in the future. Cool!

We did a little shopping afterwards - the first time on the trip that we had a chance for getting things to bring back home! And tonight we are going to go to Angela's house for dinner. Angela is an environmental toxicologist who worked up on Barrow with me during the first trip, and if you have the chance you should go back and read what she wrote in the journals from June. She is so enthusiastic, it made me excited to go out on the tundra, even when I had blisters on my feet! We are actually running late (what is new), so I will say ALOHA, and see all of you on Monday morning, bright and early! I am looking forward to coming home and telling you all more about the research and experiences we had up here! With Love, Michele Hauschulz (Teacher Experiencing the Arctic).

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