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28 June, 2002

Today we would up my two week stay here at Notre Dame with a discussion of possible answers to our Cucujus population questions and a discussion of a timeframe for our trip to the Arctic in September. We have tentatively set Monday, September 9th as our departure date. Dr. Duman will be coordinating this date with Dr. Brian Barnes in Fairbanks to set a definite time frame for the fall trip.

I also spent some time this morning talking to Dr. Michael Furdig. Dr. Furdig is a specialist in Bioinformatics who has just completed his first year as a member of the faculty at Notre Dame. We had the opportunity to discuss a number of educational possibilities and uses for Bioinformatics. We also had an excellent discussion addressing the need that students will have for practice in this field in the future. Genomic work is becoming a significant part of biological research and it is important for students to be exposed to this field.

As I close out my journal entry for the summer visit, I wanted to show some pictures of the Notre Dame campus. It truly is a beautiful college campus.

The famous gold dome at Notre Dame.

This is touchdown Jesus. You can see this mural from inside the stadium at Notre Dame. The mural is made completely out of native Indiana stone using the natural colors of the stone. The mural represents the great teachers of the Bible.

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