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13 December, 2002

Terms You Should Know (or just for fun!)

Beakers = the scientists and techs who work in the labs

Big Red = the big red heavily insulated parka

Bunny boots = big, heavy, white, air lock boots - very warm, but clunky to wear

CDC = Clothing Distribution Center in Christchurch

Cheech = Christchurch

Crary = the huge science lab in McMurdo

DI or DIW = de-ionoized water

ECW = Extreme Cold Weather gear

Helo = helicopter

HCl = hydrochloric acid

LTER = Long Term Ecological Research project

MacOps = McMurdo Operations - they monitor the radio frequencies and mount rescue operations when needed

MacTown = McMurdo

Midrats = any person who works the late night shift and eats midnight rations in the dining hall at McMurdo

NGs = pronounced "ingees" - new guys

Ob Hill = Observation Hill - a large hill overlooking McMurdo with a cross commemorating Robert Falcon Scott's life

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