17 November, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Things going great. Still trying to get all the computer things worked out. Not sure that I have yet but hopefully things will connect. I have been doing all the survival things today. Started the morning with radio training, when you are out in the field you want to be sure that you can contact some one. Later on this morning I did the computer training. I am the "old dog with the new trick" when it comes to computers. I'm learning, pretty fast I hope. After lunch I did the Helicopter safety school. Lots to learn there and I will really need that. We should be using the helicopter a lot to get to the field. My PI(principal investigator) returned from the field camp today bring lots of things to do and I will try to help her get things squared away and unpacked and labeled. Tonight is the Ice travel safety meeting and then I should be done for the day. The weather has really straightened up. Simply beautiful here at this time. At least 35 degrees with bright sun shine and no

wind at all. Every plane and helicopter they have here is in the air. At least 25 Russians left my dorm this morning for their science station. May take a little time to walk to Scotts Hut after the last meeting. Remember that you do not have to worry about getting caught by the night. Better Go, Tomorrow is the dreaded Snow Survival school where I will have to sleep in a snow trench that I dig . Hope that the weather holds. See ya -- I'm doing fine.

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