26 November, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Gosh the taxpayers got their money's worth from the "Stream Team" today. We more than made up for the short day yesterday. Awoke to another excellent day. Temp. in mid-20's sunny and what really helps, NO WIND. After a quick oatmeal, Keith and I took the 6-wheeler and headed to the far end of Lake Fryxell while Kathy and Pete hiked a couple of miles to work on Pete's "Geo. Positioning" project. Not really sure yet what it is. After nearly an hour on the ATV scouting which streams were flowing or not, we found several that were running water and set up our monitoring equipment. We set up a portable flume to measure stream flow and since this the first stream check of the season, Keith had lots of automatic equipment in the permanent sensor boxes to check and record. I collected my samples and then helped him do the necessary measuring. By this time the inevatable wind had arrived and even holding the survey rod so Keith could set up the laser sight was a task. We really lost track of time and it was nearly 1:30 when we headed back to camp for lunch. Kathy and Pete had returned and after a quick bite, we decided to take the 45 minute hike to the next three sampling spots. We decided to walk because of the widening open water between the shore and the permanent ice makes it difficult to get from the ATV to shore. We did the sampling and returned in the stiffening wind and fixed an excellent supper. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever had chunk style tuna fish in spagetti sauce. When that is all you have, you use it and like it. I'm tired, ready for the sleeping bag. I'm OK doing fine. See ya

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