29 November, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Not a bad day here in McMurdo. They celebrated Thanksgiving today here so the workers here could get a two day weekend. After the party last night I think that there will be several of them that will need it. We had a nice Turkey dinner again also. I was really lucky this year to have two celebrations. Both were with fine people. I did get a little work done here in the lab. Had to filter all my samples and then put them in drying oven for 24 hours. Tomorrow I will have to weigh them and calculate the parts, per million solids that are in the water. Not a tough job but something that I am familiar with with my water and waste-water testing that I do all the time. I have to document this data with the stream flow data that Keith will get and then write up our report some time. 'Someone is studying where these solids come from and what they are. Since the water is right off the big Glaciers, it will give someone a clue as to what might be in them. Thats really the scope of our project. In some streams, and we have only measured eight at this time, they are loaded with sediment. Tell you more tomorrow after I get the weighing completed. All for now. I'm OK, doing fine. See ya

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