13 December, 1997

Hi Everyone,

Wouldn't you know it. Bad storm last night. Mcmurdo had a record snowfall of 14 inches, we had 2 or 3 here.but it just blew away. Anyway it will be a NO FLY day again. They don't fly on Sunday either so once again, just like Thanksgiving, do we wait and see if it will improve, walk to the base camp, or stay in this hut for two more days. Keith wanted to walk and OK here I go again. Packed up everything we could carry and started out on the 6 mile hike again. I'm doing better, Hopefully I'm improving a little. I'll probably be here for the Sunday shower day but all I brought were a change of underwear and a tooth brush. Sure hope that they fly on Monday. After I got my legs back, I went out and helped others. Camella and her Keith are still drilling holes and Scott and Amanda, I'm not sure what their project is but they keep bringing water bottles into the lab for Emily to examine. She has been feeding some protozans sugar and watching how they respond. Our camp director Paula is stuck in Mcmurdo and her replacement Dawn is preparing supper. Sure smells good,steak, salmon, baked potatoes and pudding. Not sure what else will happen tonight. Dawn says that she will beat Craig at cribbage. Me, I'll probably help clean up, remember that I'm not much of a cook and then turn in. Probably have to sleep in the snowmobile shed again. I did not want to carry my tent, sleeping bag was bad enough. I'm OK and still doing fine.

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