16 December, 1997

Hi Everyone,

This may be it. I just saw my name on the flight list for tomorrow and I'm gone to New Zealand if the weather holds. It is GREAT right now. Mcmurdo is now slopmurdo. The 14 inches of snow are going fast with the mid 30 temp and bright 24 hour sun. I have really had a great experience, The program Teachers Experiencing Antarctica really did that for me. I did lots of things that I never believed I could or would ever would do. I had a great group to live and work with. I could do this again. I want to thank all the Monte people who sent me messages, I really enjoyed them. Sorry I was late responding when I was in the field. The Monte Elementry really responded, with the Mrs. Cox and Mrs Kivi and Mrs Debettingis (sorry Liz) really sending a lot of material. Many others did also. The Monte High-School students sent lots of news and were concerned about my welfare. The Des Moines students from Weeks Elementary

had a good group and Mrs Stephens students from Clarksville TN. had some interesting questions. Carolyn's students from Cincinnatti also were involved. Bob from AZ and others I'm sure that I've forgotten, your time and questions were appreciated. I had nearly 200 e-mail messages total but some were from family and friends also. Better go, I really could do this again. I told someone that the dry valleys are as close as I will ever get to Mars, but you never know, I may try for that one sometime in the future. See ya -- I'm ready for the New Zealand beaches, Its SUMMER TIME there. Thanks Everyone I'm OK and Doing fine Paul

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