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30 August, 2000

It has been a hectic two weeks as students returned to school for the beginning of a new school year. My students are quite excited about their teacher going to Antarctica next year. They are looking forward to corresponding and following some of the TEAs during the 2000-2001 field season. They are especially excited about e-mailing Betty Trummel's fourth grade students later this year. I met Betty, a former TEA to Antarctica, while I was at CRREL. Her presentations made this year's TEAs feel as if we, too, had gone to Antarctica with her.

Despite this hectic time, I am trying to exercise every day. I am aware that the Antarctic is a harsh environment, which will require me to be in top physical condition. I try to run, walk, dance, kayak, or do yoga every day. I have always loved variety, so it helps me to do several things instead of focusing on the same thing every day. I know it will take me the full year to get into the shape needed for Antarctica.

I find that going out to kayak around the lake is a peaceful way to exercise. I love to see the Great Blue Herons. They remind me of prehistoric birds.

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