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15 November, 2000

FYI answer for 11/14/00

A rookery is a protected land area for penguins. It is a location where the penguins will return year after year for breeding and raising their young.

Would you believe that we had another snow day today? It was supposed to be census day and we have two adult females and two pups that we were going to attach cameras and data recorders to, and we have two adult females that we have to detach cameras and data recorders from, but not today. The storm started early this morning and the winds have been 20 to 30 mph and gusting to over 45 - 50 throughout the day. These huts just feel like they may take off sometimes.

I actually got up for breakfast and when it was obvious that we wouldn't be able to do anything, I went back to bed until lunch. Our sleeping huts are very warm with the propane heaters. We also have very extreme-cold-weather sleeping bags. I find myself too hot sometimes to sleep in. I brought a cool blanket from home that I usually use. We have one window and it has shutters on the inside so we can close them to make the hut dark. There are ventilation tubes to keep the air moving through these huts too. It is strange, though, how things on the floors of the huts or on shelves near the floor stay cool and sometimes cold, and stuff up high is not just warm but often hot. We can keep our juices and soda on the floor in the kitchen hut. Our refrigerator cooler is by the door and we don't even have to keep ice in it to keep things cold!

Yesterday's trips to the Penguin Ranch and Cape Royds are called 'boondoggles' down here. It's like a working, yet fun, day trip. But it was an opportunity for me to learn a lot by listening to the researchers, and I asked many questions. Dr. Gerry Kooyman has been involved with Emperor penguins and seals for over thirty years. He as done educational and documentary videos filmed right here in Antarctica. Mike has spent more than six seasons down here and has learned a lot himself. Each time I come in contact with other researchers, I find out what they do and why. Even the people who are down here to keep the USAP running have stories and things I can learn from. The people I live with are very informative too. Shawn and Dan are graduate students at the University of Minnesota. They are working on their Master's degrees. Cory just finished her Master's degree in June from the University of Minnesota.


There are only ____________ species of penguins that are predominant on the Antarctic continent. They are the _____________ and ____________ penguins.

Just wanted to introduce my team, B-009 at Big Razorback Island

Just the spot to rest my weary head; a nice blanket to keep me warm and remind me of home

Cozy quarters, but that is life 'on the ice'

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