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28 November, 2000

FYI answer for 11/27/00

The McMurdo Galley served Thanksgiving dinner to 880 people. Here is a gathering of what they served and how much they served.

Pounds of meat: turkey 1,300; ham 150; Antarctic cod 200; salmon 40

Gallons of gravy: 20

Number of rolls: 3,000

Pans of stuffing: 24

Pounds of onions: 24

Pounds of cheese: 60

Pounds of canned cranberry sauce: 200

Pounds of fresh fruit: 120

Desserts: 150 pies; 500 pecan tarts

Let it not snow, Let it not snow, Let it not snow. November snowfall went over the twenty-three inches mark as of last night, and today has been a dandy snowstorm the entire day. In fact, as we sat inside hut 5, all seven of us for most of the day, we saw nothing but white all the way around us when we looked out or went out. There is such a thing as going a little stir-crazy. We had a whiteout condition here for most of the middle of the day. This was not one of those storms that let up in the late afternoon to allow us to go out and get a thing or two done.

I had to find something to get me moving, so at one point I got up and went outside to clean off the window. The snow and ice were building up and we wanted to be able to see the white out the window not on the window. It was just something to do and get out. The wind was pretty strong the entire day also. It wasn't like our last snowfall where we wanted to get outside and play in it. It was colder today. I also walked around the huts trying to take a few pictures of the snow. They didn't show much because white snow was about all there was to see.


When faced with an

Just a little more snow is all we need

I do windows on snowy days only

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