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6 December, 2000

FYI answer for 12/05/00

The following is the second half of the phonetic alphabet that is used to ensure proper radio communications.

N November O Oscar P Papa

Q Quebec R Romeo S Sierra

T Tango U Uniform V Victor

W Whiskey X X-ray Y Yankee

Z Zulu

We found a way to adapt to the weather today. When it is snowing and windy, the seals are usually under the water so it is not possible to get a good count for a census. Today was supposed to be our final census day. It was snowing this morning and into the afternoon so we decided to use the time to measure depths again. We are using the depth measurements to get an idea of the bathymetry under the ice. We are trying to find the deep positions and shallow positions of the sea in this area. With previous data from some of Katsu's instruments on the seals, we know that there is a spot somewhere here around Big Razorback in which the seals have done dives deeper than 300 meters. We are also trying to correlate that information with the underwater camera that we have set up here in which we can see animals diving to positions that seem to be deep.

We drilled thirteen holes in the ice today. The average thickness of ice was around two and a half meters (7 to 8 feet). We used a gas powered ice auger that made holes about a foot in diameter. Our work ended today because the spool of rope that we use broke, and the rope was not able to be used for measurement. We spent the evening trying to fix that problem. The snow that has accumulated on the ice ranges from a foot to well over three feet. In order to use the auger, there were a number of times that we had to dig through the snow about three to four feet before we got to the frozen ice layer. Mike said at one point, "This is the kind of snow you'd love to have when you ere a kid." Even though it was windy, we all seemed in good spirits about this round of snow and the fact that we could get something done for someone today.

As we look at the coming day, we will try to complete the final census. Katsu would like to complete four to eight attachments. We will probably be pulled, our huts will need to be taken off this location, by next week this time. We also still need to complete a day out of the study area. The weather will be a factor as to how this will all work out.


In Antarctica, and science in general, measurements are done in ________________ and meters, temperatures in _____________ and wind speeds in___________. Standard measurements like inches and yards must be converted to centimeters and_____________. Fahrenheit must be converted to Celsius, and ___________ per hour must be converted to knots.

The snoe has gotten a little deep in spots but we are in Antarctica

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