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25 September, 2003

Late Night

Today was a late night at CosRay. Our balloon was in the air till 2 am. It was a tough balloon to launch because the winds picked up. We were lucky to get this one off. I have some old pictures to offer. Tomorrow we are hoping to have a Sea Ice training course weather permitting. Should be fun!

The "kiwi" green buildings on the other side of the island are the New Zealand station called Scott Base.

Terry Deshler (PI) and Brad Range (Antarctic boy scout)talking at dinner.

Special places for Kiwi vehicles because the electrical system they use runs at a higher voltage than the American base. You have to plug in your vans and trucks because they have an electric heater to keep the engine from freezing.

The bus stop! Maybe when MainBody arrives next week this will be used more.

The weight room, a popular spot.

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