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7 September, 2003


On this day at McMurdo people relax from six, ten hour days of work. Many are tired from partying Saturday night in the local pub. The music is performed by different groups that work here. There is a morning service for those who wish to attend. Breakfast is not served, instead it is combined with lunch to be a brunch. You can work out in one of the gyms, or go to a scheduled activity. Today they had a craft sale in the coffee house and a tour of the Crary science building where I work. Sundays are science lecture nights when Mainbody is here. Generally everyone takes advantage of these distractions as there is little entertainment here. Some people brought in DVDs at Winfly which are quite popular for people who have not seen movies in six months.

We launched another balloon today. The instrument hit the ground at launch and bent the antenna but the data still transmitted without loss. We have no Polar Stratospheric Clouds, so it looks like the optical parcticle counter will have to wait for another day.

The coffee house is located in an old military style quonset hut.

The Crary science building has an aquarium room for local catches.

Some Antarctic critters.

The crafts fair inside the coffee house.

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