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9 September, 2003

North or South

Now, I have a problem. When I packed my bags I forgot to pack a compass. I really would like to know which way South is. Does anyone know how to make a compass? Which way would it point? If you know, please email me your design or answer.

I attach a picture of the beautiful clock that sits in the dining room. It is displaying New Zealand time. Look carefully at the clock to see which direction it points.

It has been a long day. We launched a balloon early this morning, the winds were light and the instrument went up perfectly, unfortunately we left the batteries on overnight and the GPS signal failed. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It allows us to know exactly where our balloon is both horizontally and vertically. This lets us map the ozone layer in detail at any given spot in the stratosphere. After the launch I spent several hours working in the lab and meeting with the balloon group to discuss future plans. As it turns out it looks like all the PSCs, Polar Stratospheric Clouds, are gone for the season so we have to think twice about launching the expensive aerosol counters.

At midnight I will go take a picture of Mars and the Moon, they are right next to each other. Tomorrow we have a confirmed launch at 7 pm.

The clock in the dining hall. Which way does it point?

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