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7 February, 2001

I wanted this journal to end with a big finale, I tried to find a famous scientist here at McMurdo who would write the last entry. Since all of the famous scientists I approached never returned my phone calls or asked who I was, I had to write it myself. After all of the adventures I have had here in Antarctica, it is easy to realize that the world is full of incredible experiences. In between, we spend most of our life lurching from one near disaster to the next, each disaster interrupted occasionally by brief moments of euphoria.

My Antarctic experience would not have been possible without the help of several people and I would like to thank them. Not necessarily in alphabetical order or in the order that they helped me, but significant people never the less.

The Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic Program. TEA is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Division of Elementary, Secondary and Informal Education in the Directorate of Education and Human Resources and by the Office of Polar Programs. Special thanks goes to Wayne Sukow, of the division of Elementary, Secondary and Informal Education, and Stephanie Shipp for all of her advice and help with the journal.

Dr. Ross Virginia and Dr. Diana Wall for letting me join their research team (VIctor/Whiskey). The members of research team Victor/ Whiskey for letting me take part in their research work and the love of science they each have: Dr. John "Jean Bennet" Barrett, Dr. Andy "Another Pint" Parsons, Dr. Dorota "Delicate Princess" Porazinska, Steve "Sic Bay" Blecker, and Katie "Keep Chill" Catapano.

The helo pilots who always got me back to town, just after dinner, and the entire support staff of McMurdo who made focusing on the research easier since I never had to worry about anything else. My editors who cleaned up my journals and punctuated them properly for me, as much as I'd let them (Thanks Mom and Sabine). I'd also like to thank the Hanover School District and the administration for letting me parcticipate in the TEA program.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the people who read my journals and sent emails.

Soon there will be new TEA's having their own Antarctica adventures, please join them the same time and place next year.

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