10 November, 1996

Sunday is the only day around here that is not considered a 'working day' although all the scientists seem to work anyway! So this morning some of us decided to climb up Observation Hill for fun before going to the lab. Ob Hill is about 900ft. high but pretty much straight up. It was a pretty nice hike to the top--it took about 15-20 minutes to get up but once I was up there I didn't want to come down! The view was magnificent and today was really warm and sunny! You could see Scott Base, the New Zealand base very clearly and Castle Rock and Mt. Erebus which is the active volcano. You can also see an iceberg that is stuck in the ice and the Royal Society Mt. Range out across the ice. It is also a pretty nice view of McMurdo Station.

Tonight I went to the Sunday Science Seminar which was on "Live from Antarctica" an educational project that produces a curriculum for teachers and students and then produces live TV shows from Antarctica. They showed lots of slides and a video which was very neat.

After the seminar a bunch of us went up the hill and went sliding--no sleds needed, just your parka and windpants! It was a blast. We also walked out to Hut Point again to see if there were any seals, there were 2 again. I can't believe how nice the weather has been here, definitely much better than a MN winter!


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