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28 March, 2003

Arctic Alive 2003

Arctic Alive, an online education program that follows Arctic researchers, is up and running again for spring 2003!

Please forward this information to teachers that you think would be interested.

We have two expeditions that students and educators can parcticipate in this spring.

(1) The first expedition, Snow Science, starts on March 24 - April 7, in Kotzebue, Alaska. Follow, researcher, Merrick Johnston and crew, as they ski 400-miles through Kotzebue Sound and up the Kobuk River. They will be collecting snow samples and talking to schools along the way.

This expedition is strictly online and uses a discussion room where students can ask questions and read about the trip as it progresses. Some activities and resources will be provided online and be available for downloading. Appropriate for a variety of ages to parcticipate.

If you are interested in parcticipating or viewing this online expedition, you will need to follow the registration directions at the link below:


(2) The second expedition will be online and will include live audio conferences with the researchers. This expedition, Ecological Change, will be starting April 21-25, and is based out of Kotzebue, Alaska. This expedition will include full curriculum as well as interaction with a middle-school science teacher working with the researchers. Access to the web site and materials is by permission (users get login/password) and is free. However, we do have a limit on the number of people that can parcticipate in the audio-conference calls. The calls are taped and are then available for downloading the next day. This program is geared for students in 6-9th grade levels. Parcticipation in this program is NOT limited to the United States; it is open to all.

If you are interested in this expedition, please send me your name, contact information, approximate grade level of student(s), and level of interest (i.e. you'd like to be involved in audio calls, just want access to the web site, only want the curriculum, etc...).

At the moment, the web site for this program is not ready - but when you email me, I'll let you know the status and send you passwords/usernames.

If you have any questions about either expeditions, please feel free to contact Janet Warburton, Project Manager, at janet@arcus.org

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